Una delle più belle escursioni fatte quest’anno è stato il trekking sul Ghiacciaio del Gigante, in Val dAosta. Il programma prevedeva la classica traversata della Vallée Blanche, dall’Aiguille du Midi (3842 mt slm) a Punta Helbronner (3460 mt slm). La mattina dell’escursione io, Paola e Stefano abbiamo appuntamento alla base […]

After many days of rain I felt like climbing to a peak to see a nice sunset. I was undecided between Mount Antola and Point Martin, but in the end I opted for the latter. I began the path at 14.15, thus very late, knowing  that I would have returned […]

This summer, with Paola, we were supposed to take a night hike up Mount Antola to see the sunrise. We left at one in the morning from the Casa del Romano, but then we stopped and lingered to observe some ungulates, a family of wild boars and a couple of […]

Just 15 days after my first via ferrata I found myself writing the story of the second. This via ferrata, la Via degli Artisti (The Artists’s Way), is situated inland form Finale Ligure. Beginnning of the course The beginning of the actual via ferrata is reached after an hour long […]

As soon as I returned from my trip to Australia I immediately began to wander the mountains.  However  this time I am not speaking of hiking, but  climbing a  fixed ropes and iron steps course called a via ferrata (literally translated from Italian into “iron way”).  I will precisely speak […]

I made my first 2010 trek on 2 January , following the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri between Mount Beigua and Mount Argentea and wandering in the environs. I set out at 07.50 from Pra Riundo refuge, where I returned at around 17.00. It was a wonderful day and the […]

Con 7 foto di un bellissimo tramonto inizio la nuova galleria sulla natura nei dintorni di Genova, ed in particolare sul Parco del Monte Beigua. La galleria è ancora allo stato embroniale, quindi non ha la veste definitiva delle altre, però prima o poi dovevo iniziare… quindi ecco i primi scatti. […]